This is a very unexpected proposal, tickling not only nerves, but also the spiritual component of our body, is valid for women who want to bring something new to the relationship.

Cost 1500
An opportunity to just watch your couple.

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If you decide to give yourself and the second half unforgettable emotions, diversify personal moments of life, discover something new in each other’s sensuality, or simply are endless experimenters on the love front – this is the best choice among all the wealth.

Cost – 7000-9000 rubles.
A modest touch is allowed.
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SWINGER PARTY (supplement)

 For you, our guests, we offer complete freedom of choice of masters both in quality and in quantity. We will put all our skills into a sensual spa, the scenario of which you choose yourself! Do not hide your feelings from your partner, he enjoys before your eyes, looking into your eyes, dreaming of you!

Cost – 2000 rubles.
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This offer is for a couple looking for unique sensations, wanting to give pleasure to each other always and everywhere! Our masters will teach you the popular method of mutual spa.

Cost – 6500-8000 rubles.
Candid touches are possible.
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What can a man who has experienced many different pleasures in his life want? Even if he does not know the answer himself, we found a solution: to multiply these exciting moments by two! Two gorgeous beauties, twice as much time, more caresses, a lot of passion … between them and with your body! They love each other! They love you! A lavish rest for a wealthy man! Touching is possible to the maximum!

Duration 3.5 hours
Unlimited relaxations
2 masters – 40 000

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This program is for men who know what they want! A full set of sensuality in all its forms is at your service! All that you can only dream of, we will turn into reality under your strict guidance. Today you are in charge! You are the director of this pleasure theater!!! This magical program includes all kinds of services from our rich arsenal. This is the maximum that we have. The girl is absolutely relaxed and seductive. Touching is possible to the maximum!

Duration 2.5 hours
Unlimited relaxations
1 master 20 000

Guest script
Fulfillment of guest wishes
Maximum touching
Complimentary drink (Asti Martini 0.750)


Эротический массаж в Мускусе

Only sexuality, only excitement, only desire will prevail today, it could not be otherwise! Milky rivers, enchanting shows, intimate touches, adult toys. Our guests prefer this particular program! Touching is possible to the maximum!

120 min
2 relaxations
1 master – 13 000 rub
2 masters – 18 000rub

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A harem of three obedient concubines is an attribute of any sultan. These are the best girls in every way, gathered by faithful servants from around the world. They are playful, obedient, gentle, tempting and they are willing to do a lot to give their master great pleasure.

60 min
1 relaxation
3 masters – 9000 rub
4 masters – 12000 rub

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Asian girls have always been famous for their skills and obedience. Their techniques of achieving the goal, the pleasure of the guest, were outstanding and magical. Get an unforgettable experience of silk touches and acrobatic movements of a naked Asian girl. Touching is possible to the maximum!

105 min
2 relaxations
1 master – 12 000 rub

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The New Year’s feeling will be given by the presence of the Snow Maiden and the smell of oranges. A winter bathing with the most erotic granddaughter of the famous Grandfather will add queerity to the situation!

90 min
2 relaxations
1 master – 6000 rub
2 masters – 9000 rub

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The animal passion of this program is based on instincts. Foreplay: biting, fluffy tails stroking and an unforgettable discharge! Only natural ingredients, only natural sensations!

90 min
2 relaxations
1 master – 5000 rub
2 masters – 7500 rub

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The most festive program. Here in the blizzard of snowflakes, I will gently turn your head, caressing your ears then your chest, belly and lower and lower! Your body will be for dessert. Moreover, I really like desserts! You’ll love it!

1 hour 1 master – 4000 rub
1 hour 2 masters – 6000rub

1.5 hour 1 master – 5000 rub
1.5 hour 2 masters – 7500rub

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