What’s the difference between thai and erotic massage?

The massage itself is from the East. For many centuries, it has been used by specialists to help the body of a sick person, cure many diseases, maintain good health in a toned state and achieve a comprehensive relaxing effect.

When massage came to Europe, its new varieties arose. This method can now be relaxing, preventative, medical, therapeutic, etc. At present, everyone knows about the existence of erotic massage.

A lot of people still adhere to the stereotypes that Thai massage is the same as erotic. In reality, there cannot be something so generalizing between them. It’s like comparing a regular belly dance with a modern defiant bellidance: the 1st is part of the culture, the 2nd is a modification of striptease.

Thai massage therapist basically uses knowledge regarding the flows of energy movement in the body. It acts on certain points of the body, which provokes the activation of energy, which is why after such sessions there are various miraculous phenomena, from getting rid of painful sensations in the head, to the elimination of stretch marks. Eromassage also focuses on the impact on certain points and zones, but only erogenous.

As a result of Thai massage, a person’s health improves, only a feeling of relaxation appears, and eromassage gives such pleasure and enjoyment that everything can even end with an orgasm.

In terms of medicine, erotic massage is practically of no use, because it is considered as a unique leisure, the embodiment of fantasies and receiving unprecedented emotions. Thai massage is the result of centuries of wisdom, philosophy, practice, which gives very effective results. Since today these two types of massage are the most popular and confused conceptually, before signing up for massage procedures, you should definitely ask what exactly this process is. Indeed, many people need pleasure, and a specialist instead simply stretches the muscles. Or the situation is the opposite: a therapeutic effect is needed, and the masseur for some reason touches the intimate areas. To prevent this misunderstanding, before you begin, find out what type of massage you want to do.

Both Thai massage and eromassage are performed only in centers designed for this purpose, in separate rooms, and before that they must carry out hygiene procedures. If the organization provides a massage therapist service at home, you should pay attention to its moral aspect. Thai massage is usually performed by women, but it happens that men do it. This implies close contact of the body of the massage therapist with the client, however, the first during the procedure is not naked, but in a dressing gown or in a special form. Eromassage is an incomplete exposure of a masseuse, for example, when the procedure is performed, there is a breast exposure to certain areas on the body. At the same time, an erotic technique can be pleasant for both women and men.

The impact on the erogenous zones makes it possible to exclude some problems of the sexual plan, to refresh relations with a regular partner, because this cannot be attributed to treason, but at the same time, the effect of a new partner acts here.