Safe erotic massage during the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19

Безопасный эротический массаж во время пандемии коронавируса COVID-19

More recently, the planet was faced with the ruthless virus COVID-19. And in just four months this ailment sowed panic, fear, bewilderment and a bunch of problems for residents of all countries. The account of patients goes to hundreds of thousands. The doors of houses, institutions, borders are closed – from small things to the world.

Europe choked on the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus. And all because of their carelessness and frivolous attitude to the safety rules recommended by the eastern neighbors, who have already encountered a new sore. China is the first affected country, which, with all the losses, today boasts positive dynamics in terms of recovery and the absence of new patients. And all this, due to the fact that the discipline and responsibility of Chinese citizens were on guard of people’s health along with the state program to combat COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health of China has developed a huge number of rules that are necessary for everyone to follow in order to stop the spread and minimize the possibility of infection of new people. They are quite simple and do not require gigantic efforts from each individual citizen, but the result, as we see, is in person. There are no new patients recovering more every day.

Today, coronavirus slowly plunges the inhabitants of our vast homeland into despondency and mantle. How so … everything was fine: we lived, worked, met friends, and then, here, we arrived – no entertainment and confinement in four, albeit such native, walls. But not everything is so bad, you just need to know proven and decent places where you are interested in the health of your customers and their own reputation. Erotic massage in today’s conditions is real and even necessary!

For example, Musk and Charisma male erotic massage parlors, upon the numerous requests of their guests, did not stop work during this troubled time, but took the most severe measures to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere for all visitors.

To begin with, each incoming person does not intersect with other guests, which eliminates unnecessary contacts. Absolutely everything in the cabin is subject to mandatory daily processing with special equipment (Alaminol, Miramistin, Chlorhexidine, Avestil Forte). Also, disinfection is carried out after each visitor. It is important that quartzing of the room is also included in this sanitation. Having decided to come to us for male massage, you almost end up in a sterile incubator. Our employees undergo all possible preventive measures and are constantly checked for symptoms, as well as axially and orally monitor body temperature.

Our men’s salons are a pleasure that you can afford without fear. For men, this is especially important, because the stronger sex needs to feel gentle touches, female sexual energy nearby, to awaken their natural strength in primitive desires. And do not forget, your internal state, happiness, positive emotions need and should be supported in any situation, because they form the protection of our body no less than drugs!

Be happy and healthy! And we will take care of your pleasures and safety!

With love,
your musk and charisma