Role Playing

90 min
2 relaxations
1 master – 5000 rub

Of your choice:

1. Nurse:
“I suggest you play a little. Nothing fascinates a man more than women in white coats: so neat, so curvy and what is more important they know their business. Fine nurses dispel all your fears associated with doctors and treatment”

2. Vice police:
“A girl in appropriate uniform will not stand on ceremony, while you mentally undress this tall, slender, busty beauty, she will search you without missing a single piece of your body, checking and rechecking the most suspicious places”

3. A stewardess:
“A woman in the uniform – is a dream of every man. And if it is a slim, attractive stewardess willing to deliver maximum comfort – it’s a real air – sensual fantasy! Graceful air-hostess will give you qualified help in distracting your mind from the turbulence and air pits, by performing passionate manipulations proving your boundless firmness and masculine strength”

4. Schoolgirl:
“Young, diligent schoolgirl ready to learn in practice this complex subject. She is very curious and empirically comprehends the wisdom of science. She shamelessly carries out a comparative analysis of existing material with anatomy textbook by focusing on the most unfamiliar places”

5. Secretary:
“You are very busy man but nothing human is alien to you that is why your secretary will be whatever you wish her to be. She’ll be able to combine the features of efficient business assistant and beautiful, desired girl who do not mind a pleasant affair with her boss!”

6. Commander:
“Have you ever thought that the army is not only the alarm calls and combat trainings? Sometimes the desire in command of each other can lead to real erotic adventure. We’ll perform our exciting forced march through water obstacles and «lie together playfully in the trenches»”

Meeting the guest in the room in stage outfit
Role-based communication
Role accessories
Body washing
Manual part
Exotic part
Role-playing game
Body washing