HONEY MONTH (The brightest program)

This is a very unexpected proposal, tickling not only nerves, but also the spiritual component of our body, is valid for couples who want to bring something new to the relationship.

Cost – 12,000 rubles.
Maximum touch possible.

Body wash
Hammam + aromatherapy
Hand spa, cervical collar zone, feet
Light body spa
Refreshing shower
Relaxing part for the guest
Underwater spa part for guest
Private bath
Salon compliment (sparkling wine 0.75 or tea ceremony)
The exciting part
Time alone

While one partner takes pleasure in the actions of our masters, while enjoys and is fascinated by the fulfilled actions, the second watches what is happening, receiving no less emotions from contemplating an aesthetically beautiful and harmonious action. The observer feels tremendous trepidation, seeing from the side the growing passions of his soul mate, opening up new sides of the partner’s potential and anticipating the opportunity to be both in his place and in the place of our delightful masters who can wake up all hidden or deeply hidden emotions and desires…